11+ Preparation

Are you a nervous wreck thinking about the 11+ exam? Do you shout at your child when he or she gets something wrong? Have there been tears? We’ll give your child the best shot at passing – minus the stress. Our 11+ preparation course will prepare your child in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. No tears.

Maths & English Tuition

Is your child always a step behind the rest of the class? Are you sick of force-feeding him or her times tables? Is spelling driving you round the bend?

Our Junior Preparation Course takes the sting out of Key Stage 2 – helping your child gain a firm foundation in Maths and English. Let us boost your child and give you a break!

Holiday Courses

Holiday should be fun – sure, we agree. But holidays are also a good time for your child to catch up with some tricky Maths, boost reading or to prep for upcoming tests and exams. The trick is to make him or her forget about learning because he or she is having too much fun! Don't believe us? Give it a go - and be prepared to be surprised.